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How to use a firesteel Best Firesteel News & Reviews - How to use a firesteel

Some Basic information on how to operate and use the firesteel is as follows. In order to generate a decent amount of sparks to give you the best chance to light a successful fire you need to use the firesteel correctly. One of the best ways of making sure that you are doing things correctly […]

Why you should have a firesteel? Best Firesteel News & Reviews - Why you should have a firesteel?

For a little background and education on what is a firesteel and how a firesteel works, I will be giving along a few examples for you to better understand about this great technological advancement in fire starting materials. What is a firesteel? Firesteel is a fire starter, more like a match but does not require […]

Lighting a fire with a firesteel Best Firesteel News & Reviews - Lighting a fire with a firesteel

Lighting a campfire with a firesteel is a skill that anyone who spends time outdoors should master. Producing a roaring campfire in this manner is not only a survival skill that could save your life one day but it is always a more entertaining and satisfying method of starting a blaze. Kids will be mesmerized […]

Light my fire firesteel Best Firesteel News & Reviews - Light my fire firesteel

Light my fire firesteel  thats a cry you will often hear from me on a fine summers night by the river or sometimes lake or loch.  Light my fire firesteel a simple and plaintive cry meaning that I have made a mistake with the tinder and set a fire that will not light easily.  The […]

Magnesium Fire Starter Best Firesteel News & Reviews - Magnesium Fire Starter

When in an emergency, a fire starter is a very useful tool that makes survival situations tolerable. A fire can perk up your spirits and make even a bleak situation seem better. A fire can provide heat and help in cooking besides offering comfort on a cold moonless night. A magnesium fire starter can be […]

Swedish Firesteel Best Firesteel News & Reviews - Swedish Firesteel

For those who are going out camping, if you need to light a campfire, fire to cook, or fire for any other reason, you will find that the swedish firesteel produced by Industrial Revolution (company founded in 1971), is the ideal fire starter in any situation, and under any conditions. The firesteel is basically a […]